You've found the personal (mostly static blast from the past) webspace of Bethani Eustace, keen Software Tester, Graphic Designer, bookworm and lover of sushi.

Retired Freelancer

I've been privileged to provide print brochures, posters, identity and web design over the years for great individuals and community groups. However I've decided I now want to focus on art creation for my hobbies outside of my work hours. I'll still be doing the odd project and this website will remain as a gallery and link to social media sharing.

What am I up to now?

Working full time as a Senior Test Analyst at Massey University.

My previous jobs and interests (math tutor, designer and volunteer) have really contributed to the way I think about testing. My creative thinking and understanding of how design relates to user experience have helped a lot in my current role.

In my spare time I'm repainting vinyl Funko Rock Candy figurines for my work desk, doing customisation of my resin ball-jointed dolls, rewatching my favourite series on Netflix and reading fantasy novels.